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Why Choose Billi For Commercial Water Dispensers And Taps

There are many benefits to having a commercial water dispenser installed in your office or commercial space. Making it easier and more enticing for your employees to stay hydrated can enhance their productivity and commercial water taps are often more cost-effective & better for the environment. Commercial water taps can also save time and space with compact under bench systems and instant boiling & chilled water options that minimise the need for additional appliances. With our systems, you can even have instant sparkling water on tap, great for when entertaining clients – see our water combination options below. We also provide information on what makes our industrial hot water dispensers industry-leading, making them a popular choice for business in the Uk and all over the world.

Billi was established in 1989 and has been at the forefront of the instant filtered water industry for over 30 years. We have won the Good Design award for tapware design, are the only manufacturer with 3rd party environmental product certifications with Global GreenTag and the only manufacturer with Cornerstone Membership to the International Well Building Institute. If you are looking for an industrial hot water dispenser for your commercial space, here is why you should choose Billi for your commercial water tap solution:

Boiling Tap

What Makes Our Commercial Water Dispensers Industry Leading?

Our commercial water taps are inspired by innovation and environmental conscience. We have continued to embrace superior technologies to create cutting-edge products and modern design aesthetics to provide our customers with fresh filtered drinking water, sustainably. Our commercial water tap systems feature our unique energy exchange technology making them extremely energy efficient.

We also offer a RIBA-approved course helping businesses to design happy and healthy workplaces, providing a unique insight into the evolving workspace and how sustainability & hydration contribute to employee wellbeing and happiness.

Additional reasons our commercial water taps are a leading choice for businesses include:

– World-class customer service experience

– Best-in-class design & manufacture

– Our commercial water taps feature cutting-edge technology

– Space saving under bench modules (up to 65% less cupboard space required) in a wide range to suit all environments and customers, without the need for ventilation cutouts or grilles

– Superior water filtration

– Eliminates single-use plastics

– 100% more initial output of boiling water, no need for additional booster units

– Systems run quietly and cool, eliminating interruption or distraction

We also have service and maintenance options available that ensure your system continues to run smoothly & trouble-free and maintains optimal water filtration. Our BilliCare Customer Support team includes a network of trained service technicians and service agents to provide technically correct, prompt and reliable service. BilliCare offers a variety of service plans to suit customers’ requirements.

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Commercial Water Tap Water Combination Options

Industrial Hot Water Dispenser Combinations:

Boiling & chilled 

Boiling, chilled & sparkling

Boiling & ambient

Hot & Cold Industrial Water Dispenser Combinations:

Boiling & chilled + hot & cold

Boiling, chilled & sparkling + hot & cold

Cold Only Commercial Water Tap Combinations:


Chilled & ambient

Chilled & sparkling

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Contact us today To find out more about our commercial water taps and what commercial water dispenser solution best meets your requirements.

You can also use our Virtual 3D Billi Configurator which enables you to visualise your commercial water tap solution and determine what specifications are most suitable for your commercial water tap needs.

To find out more about our RIBA-approved CPD seminar, fill out our online enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as possible,