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Why Choose Billi For Office Water Dispensers and Filtration Systems

Office water dispensers are a great addition to any office. Keeping employees hydrated can boost productivity & mood, having chilled or sparkling water on tap is great for entertaining clients, they can save on space and as you’ll see below, with innovative technology they can also be an energy efficient & environmentally friendly choice.

Established in 1989, Billi’s reputation for design and manufacturing innovation is world-renowned. We have continued to embrace superior technologies to create cutting-edge products and modern design aesthetics to provide our customers with fresh filtered drinking water, sustainably. Our BilliCare Customer Support team includes a network of trained service technicians and service agents to provide technically correct, prompt and reliable service. Here are the office water filters available in our range, including hot and cold water dispensers for offices along with why you should choose Billi’s filtered water dispensers for your office:

Our Range Of Filtered Water Dispensers For Office Spaces

Cold Filtered Water Dispensers For Offices

Alpine 120 – chilled office water dispenser 

Alpine 125 – chilled and ambient office water dispenser 

Alpine Sparkling 200 – Chilled and sparkling filtered water dispenser for office

Hot And Cold Water Dispensers For Offices

Quadra – boiling and chilled office water dispenser

Quadra Plus – boiling & chilled office water dispenser + hot & cold tap water

Quadra Sparkling – boiling, chilled and sparkling hot and cold water dispenser for offices

Quadra Sparkling Plus – boiling, chilled and sparkling office water dispenser + hot & cold tap water 

Sahara – boiling and ambient office water dispenser

In our range of hot and cold water dispensers for the office, we also have the Firewall® Tower which combines our Firewall® purification technology with infrared sensors to provide contactless access to highly purified, great-tasting boiling and chilled water.

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Why Choose Billi Filtered Water Dispensers For Your Office

Here is why so many businesses in the UK and around the world are choosing our filtered water dispensers for office spaces:

– Industry-leading heat exchange technology that can reduce energy usage by 40%

– Premium water filters that provide the highest quality drinking water that tastes great

– Uncompromising quality with all systems designed and manufactured to the strictest standards in our state-of-the-art facility in Australia

– World-class customer service experience and the very best support and aftercare with two maintenance plan options to choose from (we have a large network of highly trained and accredited service staff that provide prompt and reliable after-sales service to our customers)

– Stylish and modern water dispenser styles in a range of finishes to choose from (along with specialty dispensers available)

– Only water filtration system company with a GreenTag Certification

– Quick, easy and cost-effective to install

– Space-saving designs (our office water filters have one of the smallest footprints on the market so don’t take up lots of valuable space)

You can also use our office water dispenser 3D configurator that allows you to specify and visualise a dispenser that best meets your requirements. We also offer an RIBA Approved course that helps you to design a happy and healthy workspace, ideal if you’re looking for a sustainable water solution.

Billi Quadra XL 460

Enquire About Hot And Cold Water Dispenser For Your Office

If you are looking for a filtered water dispenser for the office, contact us to speak with one of our team members who will help you determine the best office water filter for your requirements and provide you with information on where to buy.