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coffee culture around the world

Coffee Culture Around the World and How it Varies

Coffee Culture: How do different cultures affect drinking habits Everybody has their routines when it comes to coffee. Some people have to drink one first thing, others have a decaf after work…

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hydrated on holiday

How to Stay Hydrated on Holiday this Summer

Why You Need to Stay Hydrated on Holiday If you’re going on holiday this year, here’s why it’s important to stay hydrated. Hydration is essential for brain function, which in turn is…

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temperature for drinks

How Does Drinking Water Affect Productivity?

Hydration & Brain Function Everything we do begins with the brain. This brilliant organ necessitates our survival and orchestrates our movements, thought patterns and creations. So, looking after it could not be…

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drinking vessel hot drinks

The Most Popular Drinking Vessel for Coffee/Tea

A Cup Above? The Most Popular Hot Drinks Containers We’ve all got our own preferences when it comes to hot drinks. From builders tea to peppermint tea, gingerbread lattes to double espressos,…

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the future of offices

Workplaces of the Future: What will offices look like?

Offices in the Near Future – What Can We Expect? When we think of the future, we probably think of flying cars, self-cleaning houses and the world as a tech-focused utopia. But,…

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