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facts about plastic

8 Shocking Facts About Plastic

Plastic pollution continues to make headlines across the UK, and it’s no wonder when you look at these shocking facts about plastic.  While plastic is a useful material for our modern lives,…

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drink water before or after meal

Should You Drink Water Before or After A Meal?

You may be eating the right food, but did you know the amount of water you drink before or after a meal also makes an impact on your health?  Many health authorities…

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making iced tea

Making Iced Tea With Your Billi Tap

Now that Summer has arrived it’s a great time to expand your beverage skills and learn the art of making iced tea.  As the ultimate summer cool down drink, it reminds us…

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tips for going plastic free

10 Tips on Going Plastic-Free

July marks plastic free month, and what better way to step up to the challenge than getting our top tips on going plastic free.  Led by the Plastic Free Foundation based in…

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Tea Trends 2019

Tea Trend to Try in 2019

The tea trends of 2019 are ever more innovative and extravagant as our taste buds become more complex. While coffee was once a connoisseurs game, tea is quickly catching up.  No longer…

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