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5 Ways to Boost Your Daily Water Intake

Boost your daily water intake at work become more focused and more productive. Sometimes hitting those eight glasses per day can feel like a real challenge. The trouble is, when our bodies are…

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sparkling water

Why You Should Swap Pop For Sparkling Water

Instead of putting your efforts into pop, a healthier alternative is sparkling water.  If you tend to reach for the sugary drinks rather than a glass of water, you could be consuming…

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smart kitchen

The Evolution of the Smart Kitchen

Smart kitchens are no longer just for the modern home, they are also an asset for forward-thinking workspaces. Technology is not only influencing the devices we use but the spaces we live and…

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LondonMetric Oslo Bottle

How Much Water Does Your Body Really Need?

You may have heard that your body needs eight glasses of water every day, but how much water does your body really need?  Three international organisations around the world have tried to…

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filtered water last

How Long Does Filtered Water Last?

If you’ve recently made the switch to a filtered water system you may be wondering how long your filtered water can last. Many people say that you should treat water the same…

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