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stay hydrated summer festival

Our Top Tips to Stay Hydrated at Festivals this Summer

So you’ve got your ticket, but now it’s time to learn how to stay hydrated at festivals this summer. With festival season now in full swing and the excitement bubbling for those…

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Chas & SafeContractor Accreditations

We are pleased to enclose our CHAS and SafeContractor certificates. CHAS assures Health and Safety excellence within the Construction industry. SafeContractor assures Health and Safety but also financial stability and commitment to compliance…

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Billi taps into its Net Promoter Score surveys to support the RAF Benevolent Fund

We are proud to have raised a magnificent £500 for the RAF Benevolent fund. Achieving this through donating £1 for every Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey completed by our customers. The fund…

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caffeine culture

Coffee Culture: Are We Addicted to Caffeine or Cafés?

Are We a Nation of Coffee Addicts? To the rest of the world, Brits spend their time sipping on tea with their pinkie raised, chatting about Brexit and the Queen, so how…

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specifiers billi taps

Specifiers: Why Billi Systems Are Perfect for Your Project

Specifiers: Four Reasons Why Billi Products are the Perfect Match for Your Project If you are an architect or interior designer then Billi products are the unbeatable choice for your project. Why?…

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