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plastic free day

Plastic Free Tuesday: A Growing Movement

Can You Go Plastic Free One Day a Week? Plastic is everywhere. Take a look at the lunches you buy, day in, day out. Your sandwich will be wrapped in plastic, your…

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moving office checklist Billi UK

Whitepaper – Everything We Learnt From an Office Move

Looking Back on an Office Move. What Were the Challenges and Successes? In December of last year, Billi undertook one of the biggest challenges yet in the workplace. Moving office. The job…

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Coca Cola, Coffee and Tea – How Much Caffeine is in These Drinks?

Is there an alternative to caffeinated drinks? We are all becoming more aware of the side-effects caffeine can have on our body. Nowadays, people are changing their habits and cutting down on…

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Under Counter Water Boilers – The Technology Behind it

Good Things Come in Small Packages Billi under counter water boiling systems take up a small space, have little impact on the environment, dispense cups of hot and chilled water in a…

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caffeine metabolism

Does Coffee Actually Increase Your Metabolism?

Coffee and It’s Effect on Metabolism Studies suggest that coffee does have an effect on metabolism, at least in the short-term. But, a new study by Northwestern University suggests it may have…

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