30 Aug 2018

Category: Eco News & Information

The Latte Levy is One Step Closer to Happening

Watch Out Coffee Drinkers, The Latte Levy is Coming If you're one of those people who can't go a day without ...

29 Aug 2018

Category: Health News & Information

Why Drinking From a Glass Bottle is Better

Why You Need to Stop Drinking From Plastic Bottles We admit, drinking from plastic bottles is convenient. You can grab one ...

28 Aug 2018

Category: Health News & Information

How Do You Drink Your Tea Every Day?

How Do You Like Your Tea in the Morning? The drinking of tea is a truly British tradition, we love it ...

22 Aug 2018

Category: Company News Educational Information

Billi Are Supporting The Hamlet Centre Trust

Billi Supports the Hamlet Centre Trust Here at Billi, the way our customers are supported is one of our main priorities. ...

19 Aug 2018

Category: Educational Information

How to Encourage Employees to Recycle at Work

6 Tips to Get Your Employees to Recycle at Work You may recycle at home, but do you recycle at work? ...